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Are you committed to ensuring your important and life-changing leadership, teaching, presenting, training and professional learning activities are:

* Inclusive
* Socially just
* Equitable
*And sticking, for everyone?

Then this Unleash Learning TV/radio episode is soooo for you!

Professor Delores B. Lindsey is the author of many books, including her recent Leading While Female: A Culturally Proficient Response For Gender Equity.

And she’s a leader supporting cultural proficient teaching & learning practices and helps learning communities on their journey towards equity and socially just practices.

She’s going to share with you:

* Why its important to teach/lead from inside out
* What “all means all” really means
* Surprising questions to ask yourself (and your team) that can help make learning stick for everyone.
And so much more.

Thank you for the work you do to ensure learning sticks for everyone!

Dr. William DeJean


What do you do to support inclusion in your teaching, presenting, training or professional learning?


Learn 5 Essentials for Teaching, Presenting or Running Professional Learning in a COVID/Post COVID World!

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