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If you’ve had questions about Critical Race Theory (CRT) or you’ve wondered what it’s about, you’re not alone.

For the past few years, educators, trainers and leaders have been asking me to explain Critical Race Theory to them. And because it’s been in the news again, we’ve brought in an expert!

Dora J. Dome has practiced Education Law for over 24 years, primarily in the areas of student issues and special education

She currently provides legal representation to school districts on student issues and develops and conducts professional development trainings for district staff that focus on Bullying and Legal Compliance.

She’s going to:

  • Explain what’s CRT
  • Clear up some CRT misunderstandings
  • Show how and where CRT is applied

And hopefully answer some of the CRT questions you’ve had.

If you and your learning community are committed to making learning stick for everyone, this Unleash Learning TV episode is for you.

Dr. William DeJean


What lens did this interview cause you to look through? And how will you use that lens to continue to make learning stick for everyone?


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