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I can’t stop thinking about what she said!

In this Unleash Learning TV episode, we brought in the brilliant Professor Felicia Huppert…

… to give you (and your team) a wellbeing boost!  

And she said something I can’t stop thinking about. 


Professor Felicia Huppert is a psychologist with a long-standing research interest in the science of well-being and the promotion of human flourishing.  

Felicia’s advised governments and international bodies on the measurement of well-being, and on policies to enhance well-being. 

And she’s here for you!

In this Unleash Learning TV episode, she’s going to share with you:  

  • The 5 ESSENTIALS to wellbeing (I think you’ll love this!)
  • What leaders can do to support their team’s wellbeing
  • The BIG SHIFT needed to support wellbeing
  • And, Who’s the loneliest people in the world (will this surprise you?)

Do yourself a favour, and watch this episode!

Cheering you on, William!

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A question for you...

1. What's one insight you had from this conversation? 2. What's one way you could apply these wellbeing principles to your own life/work/team?

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