3 actions that lower your teaching team’s stress

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Want to unleash your team’s teaching potential…and lower your collective stress?

If yes…

…then, there’s 3 actions I want to invite you and your teaching team to take.

In fact, these 3 actions can help you expand your meaningful impact on the lives of others.

And lower your teaching team’s stress.

Action 1: Make learning to stick for everyone be your teaching team’s #1 focus

Remember this when developing any course, workshop or lesson plan.  If you remember the destination, you and your team will organise your activities based on it.  

Here’s a way to think about this.

Your workshops might change.  New initiatives might happen.  New technology will emerge.

But, if your teaching team’s #1 focus is to make learning stick for everyone, no matter what…

…you’re helping them keep focused on the destination.  

This can keep your teaching team focused, even during times of disruption, while lowering their stress.

Action 2: Use a system, not strategies

If you feel overwhelmed by how much you’re trying to do and remember, it’s probably because your cognitive load is so high.

A cognitive load is simply how much stuff you (and your team) have in your head.  

If you and your teaching team only focus on teaching strategies, it can be like filling your brain with more stuff to remember. 

But, if your organisation has a system in place for all your teaching and learning activities, it can help

  • organise your teaching team’s thinking.
  • increase their effectiveness.
  • and lower your team’s cognitive load.

I call this a win, win, win!

Action 3: Put new learning into the system

If you’re a leader, it’s important to know that most people are overwhelmed.  

They’re overwhelmed with how much they’re trying to do, remember and the rate of change they’re expected to keep up with.

That’s why if you run professional learning for your team, they might seem resistant.  

They’re not bad people.

They’re just protecting themselves from by being flooded with more information.

Here’s the good news!  

With the right system in place, whenever you learn something new, you can place that knowledge into the system. 

Here’s a way of thinking about it.

Let’s say your team engages in a wellbeing workshop. With the right teaching system in place, your team will see:

  • how this new wellbeing knowledge fits into your existing system.
  • new ways to use your existing system to make learning stick for everyone.

This will empower your team, help them stay focused and help them decrease their cognitive load.

Cheering you on!
Dr. William DeJean

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A question for you...

Which of the 3 actions do you think is most important for you and your teaching team? And how would this action help lower your teaching team’s stress?

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