How To Create Personal Goals That Stick

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Dr. Suzy Green is back on Unleash Learning TV with a prescription for you.  

You don’t need a pharmacy.  Just pen and paper 📝…and maybe a friend. 

If you take it and reflect on it over the year…

…it can strengthen your well-being and can impact how you make learning stick for everyone.

That’s because there’s a connection between who you are and how you teach and lead.  

Dr. Green is the founder of The Positive Institute, the author of The Positivity Prescription and is a leader in the field of Positive Education and Positive Psychology.

In this TV episode you’ll find out:

  • how this paper and pen technique can impact your well-being.
  • if you should have a friend help you.
  • why you should hold this “lightly” to get the most out of it.
  • how to make this technique, stick.  

Happy writing…

Dr. William DeJean

PS – This week’s webinars

  1. How To Supercharge Your Professional Learning Programs.
    10-11 am AEDT
  2. The 5 Essential For Supporting New Teacher Success.
    3.30-4.30 pm AEDT

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