Working on new curriculum? Please read this.

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Is your school working on new curriculum?  

Do you want that new curriculum to make a positive impact on the lives of ALL students?

If so, I want to invite you to consider the following….

You’re working on the new WHAT. That is, WHAT you’re going to teach.   

It’s important to know that the WHAT will change. If you try to keep up with all the new WHAT’s, you’ll stay very busy.   

If you want to ensure that your WHAT sticks for everyone, it’s essential you first put this into place.

Once in place, it can help your team use your WHAT, effectively, stay focused and help your school move from good to great.  

What is it?  It’s the WHERE and HOW.

The WHERE is your school’s teaching and learning mission. 

When your school puts the right WHERE in place, it will inform the HOW.

The HOW is the pedagogical approach.  

When you have the WHERE and HOW in place you’re helping to:

  • create common language between teachers and leaders
  • replace task completion with learning, that sticks
  • unleash teaching and learning excellence
  • lower stress.

If your school wants to move from good to great, the WHERE and HOW are the key.

Putting it into place takes time.

But once unleashed, magic happens.


Dr. William DeJean


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