How to improve teacher wellbeing w/ Dr. Kerry Howells

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Is your school working to make teaching & learning its #1 priority?

And wanting to ensure teacher and student wellbeing are in service of that work, rather than an add-on?   

Then this Unleash Learning TV is for you.

Dr. Kerry Howells is back to share with you a practice that supports teacher well-being in service of teaching and learning.

Dr. Howells has spent over 25 years researching, teaching and practising gratitude and brings this approach to schools around the world.

In this conversation, Dr. Howells shares with you:

  • The #1 thing to know about gratitude – it might not be what you think.
  • A surprising gratitude myth you might be believing. 
  • How gratitude can be used in service of effective teaching and learning.
  • Ways to practice gratitude, even in the most difficult of times.

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If you care about high-quality teaching and learning…and well-being…

…this Unleash Learning  📺🍿 will share how the 2 fit together.  

Cheering you on!
Dr. DeJean

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