THIS kind of learning can transform students’ lives. For Good.

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Want to unleash your school’s teaching potential?

There’s two kinds of learning to know about. 

One will help your school move from good teaching to great teaching…

…and help students survive and thrive in our society, in organisations and in our world. 

What are the two?

1. Short-term learning

This kind of learning gets students through exams, assignments or lessons.  

Students can complete the task, answer questions and even look engaged.  But in truth, most students will only remember the content for a short period of time.

It can take place when the focus is task completion, the teacher does most of the talking or the goal is simply to deliver information.

I’ve met so many people who told me school was like this for them.  

In fact, they often told me they knew how to “play the game” of school by just getting through the assignment or completing the task the teacher asked them to complete.

If you want to move good teaching to great teaching across your school, this is the kind of learning to avoid.

2. Long-term learning

If you have content that’s essential for all students to know, you want long-term learning.

It’s the kind of learning that when it sticks, can cause positive behavioral change or a transformational understanding. What is an approach your school uses that ensure long-term learning over short-term learning?


It’s the kind of learning that ensures it’s theirs for good.

It’s the kind that can help students live bigger and better lives as a result of what stuck for them at your school.

There’s an approach to school-wide teaching and learning that’s holistic and inclusive and ensures long-term learning.  

And that approach begins Aug 6th this year!  Come join us.

Cheering you on!


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A question for you...

What is an approach your school uses that ensure long-term learning over short-term learning?

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