How to Transform Student Engagement in Learning

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Ever struggle with student engagement?

Hello👋🏼 I’m Stephanie SalazarAn Instructional Leadership Consultant Coach and a former Assistant Principal. 

After working with schools across NSW, it’s clear that student engagement in learning is a top concern

That’s why I asked Dr. DeJean if I could take over UL 📺 and interview HIM on the topic. William not only speaks passionately about engagement – he embodies it! 

You might know William is an award-winning teacher from San Diego and founder and CEO of Unleash Learning. He’s taught at high school and in universities, written books and is an international expert in teaching and learning. 

But you may not know this 👉🏾 he was my lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney! And has had a big impact on me and my students!

In this episode, he shares: 

  • What to do when students don’t want to be engaged
  • What role explicit teaching plays on student engagement
  • What strategies you can use to engage students in learning
  • And more!

Want to transform student engagement to boost learning?  Then, this episode is for you!

– Stephanie Salazar
Instructional Leadership Consultant & Coach

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A question for you...

Based on this interview, what’s ONE thing you’d like to try in order to boost student engagement to impact learning? Please jump to the comments and join the conversation.

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