The Unleash Learning™ Teacher Certification Program recognises and promotes teaching & learning excellence. It’s for schools, networks, teams or districts who are committed to making learning stick for everyone.

The Unleash Learning™ Certified Teacher


The Unleash Learning™ Teacher Certification is awarded to educators who demonstrate consistent and effective use of all aspects of the Unleash Learning™ System to ensure learning sticks for everyone.

 Certified teachers are ideal candidates for becoming new and innovative teaching & learning leaders for your school, team or organisation.

How it Works


Teachers who’ve completed Stages 1-3 of the Unleash Learning School-Wide Plan are eligible for the program. Once enrolled, an educator works individually and as a community of practice to demonstrate how they consistently use the Unleash Learning™ System to make learning stick for everyone.

Creating a Professional Learning Community of Practice

Great things happen when innovative teachers have meaningful opportunities to reflect their pedagogical practices, hone their skills and learn from others.

Our Facilitator’s Manual takes the guesswork out of facilitating the program and provides you with step-by-step instructions for implementing the Certification Program and for creating and facilitating the Unleash Learning™ Community of practice.

Unleash Learning Certified Educators

Experts in Learning

Know how to make learning stick for every student in every classroom

Boosting Student Engagement

Use evidence-based strategies that boost student engagement

Teaching & Learning Leaders

Are ideal candidates for your school's teaching and learning leadership positions

High Quality Teaching and Learning

Have a shared understanding of high quality teaching and learning


Create classrooms that support a sense of belonging for all students

Inspired Educators

Are confident they're making a positive difference on learners and learning


What are the prerequisites?

Teachers must have completed stages 1-3 of the Unleash Learning School-Wide Plan and decide individually to take the program.

Who assesses the teachers to determine if they receive certification?

A panel of consisting of three members of the Unleash Learning team who are experts in the Unleash Learning System.

How do teachers work to certification?

They complete the Unleash Learning Certification program and get feedback from other teachers on their site before submitting their final application.

How long do applicants have to complete their certification

They have 12 months to complete the program.  This provides time for group meetings and to edit their work, prior to submitting their final responses.

How are the assessor's?

Other Unleash Learning Certified Teachers.  1-3 will review each application to form an agreement, based on a rubric, that the application is successful.

Make Learning Stick For Everyone