Do you do learning walks? Ask this question

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Thanks for all your positive feedback about the New Teacher Companion! The program is officially launched and we’re excited to help take the guesswork out of new teacher success.

Now, back to you!

Do you or your team do “learning walks” at your school and sometimes think – “what should we be looking for?” Or, do you have different ideas of what to be looking for?

If so, this 3.17 minute Unleash Learning TV episode is for you.

In it you’ll learn ↓

  • The ONE ESSENTIAL question to always ask during a learning walk
  • How to consistently use this question
  • What EXACTLY to look for when asking this question.

If you and your school and committed to making learning stick for everyone, this episode is for you.

We’re cheering you on.


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A question for you...

Do you do learning walks at your school? If so, when you see full student engagement what do you see going on? Add your comments to the comments section below ↓ and help inspire others.

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