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When we launched The New Teacher Companion this year….
…….we got questions from schools, networks and districts on how to support new teacher success.

So many, we created this Unleash Learning TV episode – 3 Ways To Support New Teacher Success.

Did you know that Unleash Learning has its own podcast? We record all our sessions so you can tune in when it suits you.


In this 4.41 minute episode you’ll learn:

2.08 – The specific professional learning new teachers need
3.00 – One important key to new teacher success
3.14 – The connection between brushing your teeth and new teacher success 🤔

We’re committed to taking the guesswork out of new teacher success.

This episode is part of that mission.

Dr. William DeJean!

What’s one thing that you think is essential to set ALL new teachers up for success.


Some of the best conversations take place after the episode, so jump over to our comments section and share your wisdom

One Comment

  • Warren says:

    Like in the presentation, setting up a new teacher learning community is a positive idea. However who is going to do it. Essentially it needs to be both the new teacher as well as Induction officers in schools. Networking between graduates is a major survival strategy. These can be formalised at their school with the inclusion of other new teachers and several mentor teachers. These networks both inter and intra school can be a major source of strategies and support that can make a huge difference.

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