If you’re wondering what post COVID teaching might look like or how to navigate these chaotic and uncertain times…

Margaret Wheatley is back for part 2 of our 2-part Unleash Learning TV season premiere.

Margaret is widely renowned for her work with leaders across the world and for teaching people how to do great work in disruptive times.

Did you know that Unleash Learning has its own podcast? We record all our sessions so you can tune in when it suits you.

In this second episode you’ll learn:
1.What is takes to be a Warrior for the Human Spirit.
2. Why she sees YOU as a Warrior.
3. The actions to take as a Warrior for the Human Spirit.
4. The TWO most important questions to ask – (yes, they caught me by surprise).

With such disruptive and uncertainty facing so many, we believe this is must watch Unleash Learning TV.

I’m cheering you on!


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