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One year ago this month COVID lockdowns took place.

For many educators COVID turned their world upside down. They thought that education was future proof.

Based on my in-depth discussion with educators, I’ve observed that the educational “maps” that many schools, businesses and organisations have been using had to be torn up…

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…as the maps couldn’t fully guide them during COVID lockdown teaching.

With the COVID anniversary here, many educators and educational leaders are now asking us:  What’s post COVID teaching going to look like? And how can we be prepared for the next educational disruption?

To answer, I wanted to share with you…

4 actions for navigating teaching in a post COVID landscape.

If you run webinars, professional learning, teach at a school or university, this Unleash Learning TV episode is for you.

We’re cheering you on!
Dr. William DeJean

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As an educator at a school, business or organisation, how have you coped during the COVID period and what have been your biggest challenges?

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  • Sarah Moss says:

    I’ve been coping any way I know how, bike riding, spending time with my fiancé, and napping!
    However, the work is never finished and I find myself feeling more and more helpless and ineffective as my school model continues to change.
    Teaching wasn’t easy before all of this, and it certainly isn’t a walk in the park now! I’m very stressed much of the time. Physical ailments have caused me to miss days from work and taking time off can cause even more work to pile up.

    …I had to vent. Thanks for giving me this space to do so, and thank you for your videos.

    • William DeJean says:

      Hi Sarah, what an honest response. I’m guessing that many many many (can I say it again?) many educators have been and continue to feel the same way. Might I just respond that mapping is always a good wellbeing choice 🙂 Please take very good care of yourself during this unprecedented and difficult period. We are all thinking about you. And you’re welcome for the Unleash Learning TV episodes. More to come!

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