How to support student motivation with Dr Nancy Part 3 – Motivation case study

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Want to boost student motivation?

Great news!

This last student motivation master class is going to offer you an easy action you can do…that boosts student motivation.

You can do this if you’re a K-12 teacher and if you:

  • run professional learning
  • lead staff meetings or
  • facilitate training sessions.

In fact, it’s something we talk about ALL the time at Unleash Learning.  And we didn’t even ask Dr. Dome to talk about it.

Once you’re done watching, jump over to the comments section and add to the conversation.

We hope this 3-part master class helps you give student motivation a boost, especially during these COVID/post COVID times.

Dr. William DeJean

PS – Taking The New Teacher CompanionCheck out Module 3, Cheat Sheet 4, to put this into action.

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