How Copperfield College is investing in the future of its teachers and students 

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Copperfield College in Victoria is a unique multi-campus secondary college. Its mission is: Empowering Every Student to Aspire and Achieve.

One way they’ve been empowering their students and teachers has  been working with Unleash Learning™ for the past 5 years.

Unleash Learning™ has been working with the College for the past five years. During this time the school has moved from being a good school to being a great school.

Copperfield College recognised the value in working with Unleash Learning™ to:

  • Gain a shared language.
  • Apply the system in any teaching scenario.
  • Boost student engagement.
  • Become more agile.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion.

As campus principal Dan Sullivan explains:

“Unleash Learning classrooms are more engaged spaces for students. Classrooms really changed in terms of the level of engagement and in terms of the level of safety and belonging that students are experiencing.”

Here’s how Copperfield College is leading the way to stay at the forefront of teaching & learning excellence and working to ensure learning sticks for everyone!

In this video you’ll explore:

  • what leaders has seen across their school.
  • what actions teachers have taken.
  • how the system is lowering teacher stress.
  • how the 3-year Unleash Learning for Schools journey works.
  • how they’re working to make learning stick for everyone.

Congratulations to Copperfield College for your dedication to teaching & learning excellence and working to ensure learning sticks for everyone!

Team, Unleash Learning™

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