Want to support aspiring leaders? Here’s 4 actions.

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“This supports aspiring leaders!”

When Unleash Learning comes to a school, we often hear this statement.  

Even though Unleash Learning is designed for good schools to become great schools by unleashing their teaching team’s teaching potential – so they can make learning stick.  For everyone….

…supporting aspiring leaders is a “hidden benefit” to the approach. 

Even if you don’t work with us (we hope you do!) whether you’re an aspiring leader or want to support them, there are four actions to take.

In fact, these actions might change the course of that person’s professional and personal life.  For good.


When you tap on your colleague’s shoulder and say, “Come join the leadership journey”, just know they might say – “I’m not ready”.

But don’t let that initial response stop you.  You might invite them to try things out, join an event, or meet some people.  

They can say no afterwards, but in order to build capacity across your school, get them started before they’re ready.  


We’ve noticed that schools who begin their Unleash Learning journey put aspiring leaders into our leadership programs as a way to build Unleash Learning™ capacity.  

While this helps create the tipping points of change needed to create impact that endures, it also allows members to work with other leaders and start building them into the mix.

You can do this by inviting them to attend leadership events, join a networking team or join some of the leadership activities taking place at your school.


It’s important to be thinking about who is being tapped on the shoulder to join leadership.  Please ensure people of colour, women, LBGTQI colleagues and people who traditionally have not held leadership positions are included.

The more diverse your leadership team is, the better.  So please continue to be inclusive!


If you’re reading this (hi there!) and starting to consider leadership, if invited say yes, even if you think you’re not ready. They might see something in you that you don’t fully see in yourself, yet.  Plus, if it makes you nervous, it usually means you’re about to grow and learn.

So please consider saying yes, if you’re invited!


Working to move your school from good to great by unleashing your teaching team’s teaching potential? Your aspiring leaders (and those who haven’t considered it yet) can be a great asset for helping to make this happen.


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What way are you supporting aspiring leaders? Or, what’s something that’s been done for you that’s supported you stepping into leadership? Don’t be shy! Share your wisdom below…

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