How To Strengthen Student Writing w/ Gayle Kennedy

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Working to strengthen student writing?

There’s an action you can take that will help.  What is it?  

→ Have students hear what writers say they actually do.  

For example:

  • What do sports writers say they do when crafting an article?
  • How do novelists explain their writing process?  
  • How do poets find their topic?
  • How do opinion writers write their first draft?
  • What’s the revision processes authors say they use?

To help, we’ve got a special Unleash Learning TV/radio episode for you.


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Gayle Kennedy is a member of the Wongaiibon clan of South West NSW. She’s a published and award-winning author.  She’s been a speaker at Happiness and its Causes, numerous Australian writer’s festivals and Dreaming and local NAIDOC events.

In this episode, she shares:

  • Her writing process ✍🏽
  • Her revision process – [it might surprise you]
  • How writing has impacted her own life
  • Her BEST ADVICE for becoming a better writer

After you’ve listened, we’d love to know your thoughts.  Leave a comment below the video and let us know your biggest writing takeaway!     

Cheering you on!


P.S. Please share this episode with anyone you know working to strengthen student writing.  

We believe they’ll say thank you! 🙏

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What’s your biggest take away from Gayle discussion on her writing process? And, how would it benefit students knowing about this?

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