This makes teaching & learning your school’s #1 focus

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It’s the economy, stupid!

That sign hung on the wall of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign headquarters.


To keep everyone focused.

Yep, there were other topics to discuss. And lots that could keep them distracted.

But they decided those topics were in service of the campaign’s main message.

Why do I share this?

Because schools are busy places with more placed on teaching teams every day.

  • Yes, well-being’s important [it is!].
  • Yes, technology’s great [love it].
  • Yes, we need to know about our students and ensure there’s a sense of belonging [super-duper important!].

But, the core business of a school is teaching & learning.

They’re not the focus. They’re in service. 

Or, if they’re a focus, it’s effective teaching & learning that makes that stuff stick, for everyone. 

Is your school working to move from good to GREAT? Consider putting a sign on the wall that says – with humour🤪, kindness☺️, and playfulness 🙃…

It’s effective teaching & learning, stupid!

Or better yet, change your teaching & learning mission to 👉🏼make learning stick for everyone.  And embed The System that helps make that happen.

Bill Clinton’s campaign focus won him the election

That focus can keep you resilient and expand your meaningful impact.  

Please stay focused!

And know how incredible we think you are.
Dr. DeJean

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