New teachers: This supports their retention and success

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Quick tip.

If your school’s working to move from good to great, here’s an action to take. 

Ensure new teacher induction is a school-wide top priority.  

To share why it’s soooo important…

….and how to make it happen, Julia Wilson-Bennet is on today’s Unleash Learning 📺.  

She’s the San Diego Unified School District’s new teacher induction coordinator – one of the largest US school districts.

Watch Now:  And Learn How To Set All New Teachers up for Success

If you’re a school leader, mentor, induction coordinator, or an Unleash Learning new teacher mentor, please watch this Unleash Learning TV. She’ll share with you:

  • The top challenges new teachers face…hint 🤯 🤯🤯
  • What happens without effective induction – will this shock you???
  • What you can do NOW to support new teacher success
  • An important message to MENTORS of new teachers

Want to listen 🎧?  Jump to Spotify or Apple podcasts.

Cheering you on!

Dr. William DeJean

P.S. Unleash Learning for Schools ensures new teacher induction is a school-wide top priorityEnrollment happens just once a year! 

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A question for you...

What does your school, district or network do to support new teacher success?

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