Stories Of Impact: Empowering New Teachers With The Unleash Learning System

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How does Unleash Learning™ support new teacher success?

Especially during a time of rapid and constant change.

Meet Julia Wilson, new teacher induction coordinator for San Diego City Schools.

Julia believes that The Unleash Learning System is a game-changer for new teachers.  Julia introduced Unleash Learning to new teachers across her district and saw the results.

“The system really makes you shift how you look at teaching and learning which makes the lasting change”

Julia shares how the Unleash Learning System™️:

  • Impacts new teacher success
  • Helps new teachers boost student engagement
  • Supports retention and success
  • Provides a common language for new teachers and mentors across the district. 

Here’s a little hint.  Julia shares that as a result of Unleash Learning, we saw:

  • “Students engaged in the learning and excited to learn
  • Students who were not previously engaged were excited to be there. It’s the shift in thinking that creates this wave of action.”

P.S.  Unleash Learning for Schools opens just once a year. To find the next intake date for your region, CLICK HERE.

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