Want to strengthen instructional leadership? Here’s principal Mark Brookes’ top tips!

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Working to turn good teaching into great teaching across your school.

If yes, it’s essential your entire leadership team is on the same page.

Not just in regards to teaching and learning… 

…but in the ways they’re instructional leaders rather than managers of people.

To help, please meet Mark Brookes.

Mark is the principal of Roleystone Community High School, an Independent Public School in Western Australia.  

Their school just started its Unleash Learning Year 2 journey.

In this Unleash Learning TV interview you’ll explore :

  • Yes, he’s busy! How he makes being an instructional leader a top priority. 
  • What he’s done to his staff room (we think you’ll love this!)
  • What he models in every staff meeting 
  • How he uses his staff room to intentionally make learning stick for his wonderful teaching team.

Better yet, watch it at your next executive team meeting.   


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A question for you...

Based on the episode, what's one thing Mark is doing as an instructional leader that you and your team can add to the work you lead?

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