3 Tips That Turn Good Teaching Into Great Teaching Across Your School

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Please steal these secrets 🤫.

They come from Genevieve Simson, former principal of Victoria University Secondary College in Melbourne.

These secrets can help move good teaching to great teaching across your school.

And she’s sharing these secrets with you on today’s Unleash Learning TV episode.

In the episode she’ll share:

  • How to ensure teaching and learning is your school’s #1 priority.
  • How long school-wide change takes – (will this surprise you?).
  • The dip 📉 to expect – and what to do about it.
  • Why you don’t need everyone – at first.
  • The #1 thing leadership teams must do.
  • How to fund school-wide change (we’re talking💰💰💰).

You might consider watching this episode with your entire leadership team.

Cheering you on!

P.S.  The countdown is on for this year’s Unleash Learning for School cohort. It begins on 6th Aug this year – and starts with your leadership team.

It’s not “one more program.” It’s the system that finally brings it all together – so your school can be laser-focused on teaching.

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