Teacher Wellbeing: These actions support it w/ Daniela Falecki

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I got pneumonia during my second year of teaching.

I was so overwhelmed, that when a cold started, I still didn’t stop.  

That cold turned into pneumonia.

I was sooo sick for 10 days.

I was trying to “keep up” with everything that was demanded of me and my wellbeing took a backseat.

The good news is – today there’s a teacher well-being literacy and a teaching & learning school-wide system that develops teachers’ and students’ well-being – in service of teaching and learning. 

To share that well-being literacy, we’ve got Daniela Falecki back on the show.

She’ll share with you:

  • The ESSENTIAL pieces of well-being to know about.
  • The difference between individual and school-wide wellbeing responsibilities.
  • The FERTILIZERS 🌱 that can help you thrive.
  • Why being a BAD TEACHER is a good thing – and more!

Plus, we’ll send you a FREE copy of her new free book 📘 – Thrive: Practical Strategies to Nourish Teacher Wellbeing.  After you’ve watched the episode – add to the comments.

Our team will pick our fav, and mail it to the winner. FREE. 

Cheering you on!

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