Stories of impact: How Unleash Learning turns a good school into a great school

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What do researchers and educational leaders say is the impact of Unleash Learning™ on schools?

Meet Dr. Richard A. Villa and Professor Jacqueline Thousand share how Unleash Learning turns good schools into great schools. 

Dr. Villa has worked with thousands of educators across North America helping to create inclusive teaching practices for all students.

Jacqueline Thousand is Professor Emerita in the College of Education at Cal State San Marcos, California, where she designed and coordinated the special education and Master’s degree programs in the College.

Together, they’ve authored books, research articles and are sought-after staff developers across the United States. 

Dr. Richard Villa and Professor Jacqueline Thousand

They’ll share with you: 

  • The science behind Unleash Learning’s approach
  • Why Unleash Learning™ isn’t just one more program
  • How the program impacts new teachers, experienced teachers and leaders across a school
  • How the system turns good schools into great schools
  • Why Unleash Learning™ changes a school’s culture  
  • How to know if Unleash Learning™ is right for your school

Want more stories of impact?  Click here to see the Copperfield College story. 

P.S.  Unleash Learning for Schools opens just once a year. To find the next intake date for your region, CLICK HERE.

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What stood out in the interview with Drs. Villa and Thousand? And, how could you use that aspect of Unleash Learning to move your school from good to great?

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