Feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Please read this

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Yesterday you were supposed to receive an Unleash Learning TV episode.

But we decided to put it on pause and send you this message instead.

Many of the schools we work with in California are currently closed.

Here in Australia, many schools are making difficult decisions as to how to best serve their students, staff and communities during these challenging times.

We know that fear and anxiety can rise in such uncertainty.

But we also know that kindness, courage and community can rise as well.

When educators and school leaders choose courage, kindness, and work in community, good things always happen.

After 26 years in our profession, I know this is true.

I also know for sure that who we are as educators matters.

Our students remember who we are, sometimes more than what we taught them. 

So please take good care of YOU right now.

As a reminder, if you’re taking:

you have access to our online programs designed to help make learning stick…  … and tools and resources to help bring out the best in you. 

It’s been said it take courage to teach.

Thank you for your leadership and your courage during these times.

With deep respect,
William and team Unleash Learning™

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