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How to Improve Teacher Wellbeing: 4 Insights From Dr. Suzy Green

Feeling the pressure to truly unleash learning for all students with the current changes to teaching online whilst trying to maintain your own wellbeing? Then this interview is for you, I’m excited to interview Suzy Green Founder of the Positivity Institute about her new book, ‘The Positivity Prescription’. It’s a prescription that can help you stay well during and after these times we are currently living in. It’s stuff I wish I had known years ago and that’s why I am sending you this Unleash Learning™ TV episode to support your mental health and wellbeing whilst bringing out the best educator in you.

Unleash Learning TVWatch EDUCATOR episodes here

Surprising food advice for busy educators

Do you struggle with consistently eating well as an educator or educational leader and feel your diet is taking a back seat in your life? Then this Unleash Learning TV episode is for you. I’m interviewing Susie Burrell, one of Australia’s leading dietitians. She’ll share some practical, insightful advice and great tips on how to eat well and get you back on track.

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