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If you’ve ever wondered how to avoid burnout and stay at your best, or how can we use our strengths to bring out the best in ourselves, then this Unleash Learning TV episode is for you.

I’m interviewing Michele Etheve, co-founder of the Change Lab, who also has a Master’s in Science in Coaching Psychology .

She’s going to share with you a strategy to help you avoid burnout, amongst many other insightful tips.

After watching this episode, we hope you’ll take action.

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Feeling the pressure to truly unleash learning for all students with the current changes to teaching online whilst trying to maintain your own wellbeing?

Then this interview is for you, I’m excited to interview Suzy Green Founder of the Positivity Institute about her new book, ‘The Positivity Prescription’. It’s a prescription that can help you stay well during and after these times we are currently living in.

It’s stuff I wish I had known years ago and that’s why I am sending you this Unleash Learning™ TV episode to support your mental health and wellbeing whilst bringing out the best educator in you.

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With this uncertainty and this quick move to online learning it can be easy to feel like we’re replacing our years of teaching experience with Google Classroom, an app or another piece of technology. And you might feel like teaching may be dead.

I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

What the research does say is intentional and planned for engagement is what makes learning stick and there’s things the teacher and students must be doing that helps make this happen.

That’s why we’re sending you this this Unleash Learning™ TV episode and hope this helps keeps you focused, inspired and reassured during this unprecedented time.

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