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How to use technology to help make learning stick for everyone

To continue to support your use of educational technology, we have an important Unleash Learning episode for you.If you're faced with needing to use Ed Tech, but don't know where to start or feel challenged trying to keep up with the latests developments, then help is here.Cynthia Sistek-Chandler is a Professor in the Sanford College of Education at National University and is a leader in educational technology.If you want to use technology to help make learning stick for everyone, this episode is for you.

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Feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Please read this

Yesterday you were supposed to receive an Unleash Learning TV episode.But we decided to put it on pause and send you this message instead.Many of the schools we work with in California are currently closed.Here in Australia, many schools are making difficult decisions as to how to best serve their students, staff and communities during these challenging times.

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Do you do learning walks? Ask this question

If you have worked with us or watched Unleash Learning TV episodes, you know we say that intentional engagement is a key that unleashes learning.That’s why we’re sending you this this Unleash Learning TV episode to support your learning walks.It’s all about lifting the weights to explain the science of engagement and I’m going to share a question that will ensure you are set up for success.

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