Unleash Learning


What a dragon taught me about learning

Have you ever struggled to unleash learning for the people you work with?  If so, I’m going to... Read more.


This action will help unleash learning for everyone

I know you want the best for the learners you work with. You want the sessions you run... Read more.

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3 ways to create a powerful closing

Great directors work to ensure their films have amazing endings. Gifted novelists work hard to write great closing... Read more.


How to unleash learning for everyone

If you’re a teacher, staff developer, lecturer, trainer,  presenter, learning coordinator, or educator… Do you ever struggle to find ways to unleash learning for everyone? Even... Read more.

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Want to unleash learning? Stand in a circle!

If you’re working to unleash learning for your students, participants, or staff, your goal is to ensure all... Read more.

Watch ENGAGEMENT episodes here

Why I hope they speak during your next presentation

Have you ever had someone talk through a presentation you were giving, a class session you were conducting,... Read more.


4 tips to unleash learning for everyone

A personal trainer (PT) has one goal: to get you healthy.  When you work with a PT, he... Read more.


How to be a storyteller

With nearly 20 years in the field of education, having worked with students, teachers, and educational leaders in... Read more.

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