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These emotions boost student engagement

One of my favourite teachers was Mrs. Hoffman. She was my high school science teacher. I remember her... Read more.

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What to do when friendship dramas interrupt student engagement

I can’t believe I never thought of this before. Until this interview I never considered the importance of... Read more.

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Why you should think like a wedding planner

I want you think less as a teacher, and more as a wedding planner. Yep, a wedding planner!... Read more.

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These tips and tools will boost your wellbeing

As an educator, do you ever feel overwhelmed? Increasing workload, time pressure or stress that teaching can sometimes cause will stop you from... Read more.

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What I wish I’d known as a new teacher

Did you know I almost quit after my first year of teaching? I was struggling so much that... Read more.

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How to tell if you’re a socially inclusive teacher

One of the things I’m passionate about is sharing with you tools that unlock consistent & effective teaching... Read more.

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Music: when to use it in your classroom

Do you ever have students who lack confidence, are reluctant to take risks, or who enter your classroom... Read more.

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This boosts student engagement

If you or your school are working to boost student engagement, here’s one easy tip you can use immediately.... Read more.

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Great advice for new teachers

This month I want to dedicate this post to new teachers. *If you’re not a new teacher…please keep reading.  There’s... Read more.

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