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Students with special needs missing out in online learning? Great tips for inclusion

Want to know more on how to support students with special needs in online learning, then this Unleash Learning™ TV episode is for you.I’m interviewing Scott Huffman, the director of Student Support Services at Fullerton Joint Union High School in California.He's going to provide wonderful insight and tips on how to help your students with special needs during this current time.

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Is teaching being replaced?

With this uncertainty and this quick move to online learning it can be easy to feel like we’re replacing our years of teaching experience with Google Classroom, an app or another piece of technology. And you might feel like teaching may be dead.I’m here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.What the research does say is intentional and planned for engagement is what makes learning stick and there’s things the teacher and students must be doing that helps make this happen.That’s why we’re sending you this this Unleash Learning™ TV episode and hope this helps keeps you focused, inspired and reassured during this unprecedented time.

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